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Pause, breathe, reconnect… Brooklin, Maine is where people still take a moment to talk about their families, their favorite book, what is growing in their garden or what the weather forecast is for the upcoming week.


There are no 24-hour grocery stores (and believe us – that IS wonderful!) and pausing to enjoy the Lupine, the sunsets, the wild blueberries, the homemade maple syrup or the incredible fall colors is simply a way of life.


If you are into more adventurous travel, let us help you set up a kayak tour, a bike tour and ocean tour (lighthouses, whale watching and more!).


Our village has a general store, Post Office, public library and our town office.  There are also several wonderful local shops, artists, bookstores (boasting local writers), potters, hooked rugs, a café, pub and an organic restaurant.


The Brooklin Boatyard, Atlantic Boats and the Wooden Boat School are just a few of the boat builders that carry on the tradition of creating sea vessels including lobster boats, sail boats, cabin cruisers and yachts.


One of the best-known Brooklin residents was E.B. White who authored, Charlotte’s Web, The Trumpet of the Swan and Stuart Little.  A long time writer for The New Yorker, E.B. White also endowed the local library.

He and his wife Katherine, a founding editor of

The New Yorker, are both buried in the Brooklin cemetery.


Brooklin was incorporated in 1849.  It was named for the brook line that separated the towns of Brooklin and Sedgwick.  On the way to Blue Hill, just a short drive away, pause near the bridge to watch the enchanting “reversing” falls.  With each tide, a rare phenomenon occurs and the falls literally reverse themselves in the opposite direction creating impressive rapids.

From time-to-time, kayakers can be seen navigating the waves.

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