Captain and Crew

Mick and Kristin fell in love with the people and the Village of Brooklin, Maine in early 2013.  They came to celebrate their anniversary and basically…decided to stay.

There is a little more to the story, but in a nutshell,

this is how their Maine journey began.


They're here to make your stay…magical!

Captain Mick - Michael Flannery

Son of an Air Force fighter pilot, Mick is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy.  He also served as a pilot in the Air Force.  He enjoys sharing good “Irish Craic” (jokes) and playin’ and singin’ Irish and traditional folk music!


Mick is our manager and skippers the crew that is committed to making your stay…magical.  He uses his skills to keep the lodge looking good, working well and running smoothly.


A gifted artist, Mick takes time in quieter moments to create sculpture in wood and clay for casting.  He is planning to do more in his shop after winter sets in.  Some of his work is placed around the Lodge for guests to enjoy.


Mick is also a yoga instructor, an art teacher, a Reiki Master and loves leading Native American Flute workshops.  Living an adventurous life is what makes him feel one with everything around him.


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Lady K - Kristin Flannery

Kristin was also born into a military family stationed on the shores of northwest Africa. Delivered at Port Leyote Naval Air Station, the ocean has always been her favorite place to renew her spirit.


Living on the ocean has been her dream since she was small.  The storybook, The Sailor Dog, was one of her childhood favorites.  She still has a copy on hand and is always willing to share!


Kristin’s hobbies include gardening, photography, writing and especially meeting new people.  Her favorite thing to do is wake up early, take her coffee out to the front porch and enjoy the peaceful ocean morning.   “The one thing you can count on is, with each tide, the shoreline becomes a new canvas on which to create your life.”


Even though Kristin has spent the last 40 years of her life in Colorado, her passion for the ocean has never wavered.   If you have a moment to ask, Kristin is happy to share more of their “journey to Maine” story.


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Sea Dogs - Seamus and Murphy

Get to know Seamus and Murphy soon!

















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